Tools for the Future

Open and Secure

Dedicated to bringing quantum resistant innovation to the masses. We plan to build open source free tools to interact with, and utilize the quantum resistant features of theQRL blockchain helping secure the future.

Strong Cryptography

Leveraging The QRL's implementation of NIST approved XMSS cryptography, we can secure the tools and systems that we build today for the future.

Innovative Solutions

Using a distributed, immutable ledger to power tools will change the future, bridging the gap of secure technology and innovative ideas. is not an official project of The QRL. If you would like to contribute or have interest building the next cool tools Get In Touch!

contact was started with big ambitions to bring secure tools to the masses. We are excited about future thinking projects and innovation that propels everyone into a better future.

We are looking for others that share this vision. If you would like to join our team and help build the next new great thing, drop us a line. Currently this is small focused group of advocates pushing secure cryptography and radical ideals into functional tools for the masses.

Donate and Support

This is a self funded, non-official project. If you want to help with server costs or buy us a coffee please send donations to:

QRL: Q010500542771ce655a898ce85d66adb07d6c5db24323fc3d720079d454133289ee8dc907bfe53a
ETH: 0x310E7B86027B204BBB1A6BDa8fdEB44580d1A435