Innovative tools | quantum resistance


Tools for the Future

Open and Secure

Dedicated to bringing quantum resistant innovation to the masses. We plan to build open source free tools to interact with, and utilize the quantum resistant features of theQRL blockchain helping secure the future.

Strong Cryptography

Leveraging The QRL's implementation of NIST approved XMSS cryptography, we can secure the tools and systems that we build today for the future.

Innovative Solutions

Using a distributed, immutable ledger to power tools will change the future, bridging the gap of secure technology and innovative ideas.

QRL Bootstrap Files

"The Blockchain"

QRL.CO.IN is providing the state files that makeup the entire QRL blockchain, every on-chain transaction, sent coin, and mined block are represented in cryptographic glory!

We provide them here to help drastically speed up the syncing process for anyone who wishes to run a full QRL node. Instead of fetching each block and cryptographically verifying it from peer nodes your node is connected to, these files allow a user to almost immediately have a functional QRL node up and running by providing these state files in a static .tar.gz file.

QRL.co.in is not an official project of The QRL. If you would like to contribute or have interest building the next cool tools Get In Touch!